Santos & Marçal is a family-run company which was founded 40 years ago in Sertã by Carlos Marçal and Maria Helena Marçal. Its core business is rooted in activities connected to tourism, specifically restaurants, event hosting, catering, entertainment and accommodation.

The company´s first asset was the Santo Amaro restaurant in Sertã, which still today remains one of the defining images of the brand. The Ponte Velha restaurant was opened in 1992, allowing the hosting of large events, principally weddings. Around the same period the Big P nightclub was also added to the company´s portfolio.

With this expansion came the opportunity to venture into new areas, such as rural tourism. This was achieved with the December 2000 opening of the Quinta de Santa Teresinha, located in the parish of Cabeçudo and offering rural accommodation as well as having the capacity for hosting large events.

In 2007 Santos & Marçal extended their activities to the city of Abrantes, with the aquisition of the Quinta d´Oliveiras, in the zone of Alferrarede.

More recently, in 2013, the company was proud to open the doors of the Convento da Sertã Hotel: a four-star establishment which blends the sophistication of a spectacular historic building with the quality of a high-class enterprise.

Control of health and safety and the consideration of environmental impacts are integrated into everyday activities for all employees across all of the company´s establishments and undertakings. This has been achieved with the implementation of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system and Verdoreca certification of all establishments.


Programa Adaptar

Programa Adaptar Designação do projeto: Adaptar-PME Covid-19 Código do projeto: 72076 Objetivo principal: Reforçar a competitividade das PME Região de intervenção: Centro de Portugal Entidade beneficiária: Santos & Marçal, SA Data de aprovação: 24-07-2020 Data de início: 30-06-2020 Data de conclusão: 31-03-2021 Custo elegível: 7.355,88€ Apoio financeiro da União Europeia: POCI FEEI-Portugal 2020 Objetivos, actividade e resultados esperados/atingidos: Investimentos realizados...


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